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Vero Beach MAGAZINE April 2022


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Kate Hoffmann AP is motivated by helping as many people as possible. She apologizes for any difficulty someone may have when accessing her site, and is going to change this ASAP. 

Our Mission

Kate Hoffmann AP strives to help you achieve your optimal level of health and well being.

Let me help you alleviate your pain, change your reaction to stress and reduce stress!

Areas of expertise


Shoulder Pain Relief Specialist

Since Kate suffered from a "frozen shoulder" while in Acupuncture school, she has become a sought after specialist for all kinds of problems with shoulders. She has helped patients avert rotator cuff surgery, which has a very long recovery time and you cannot use your arm for over 6 weeks, so it is very helpful not to have to go through it.

NET Mind Body Stress Relief

NET is a technique that can remove "issues out of tissues"; it can help get stressors out of the body that prevent the body to heal an area. It has been scientifically proven to help with stress related problems. Often patients do not know that their pain has anything to do with stress, but even after getting just the NET their pain level is lower than before; afterwards you also get acupuncture. The combination is very powerful.

Muscular Skeletal pain Relief

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has been proven to help with pain for over 3,500 years. Nothing that does not work is around that long. The WHO (World Health Organization) has published that this medicine is much better for pain, especially chronic problems than western medicine. Pain meds have side effects; there is no small surgery: there could be effects that could be severe; Acupuncture's side effect: RELAXATION and Stress relief. A lot of patients also find relief of other symptoms or problems they may not even have told to Kate Hoffmann AP.


The combination of NET and Acupuncture has shown very effective for people who suffer from anxiety. Several patients were able to get off anti anxiety medication (with approval of their MD). IF YOU HAVE ANXIETY ABOUT NEEDLES, we do NO NEEDLE TREATMENTS!!!

Essential Tremors

Acupuncture can be very helpful in treating essential tremors and other neurological problems

Sciatica and groin pain

As you read in Vero Beach Magazine issue April 2022, Kate is helping a patient who is younger to try to ward off hip surgery. He is staying out of pain with regular acupuncture treatments. Other sciatica patients have also see great results. 


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