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Rowing World Champion received help with muscle strain and whole system!

I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Kate. She is an amazing healer with a contagious, uplifting energy. I am a rower who competes at the world class level. I was in town for a two month training camp and reached out to Dr. Kate to help me get over a muscle strain. I expected her to needle the injured muscle but she introduced me to NET and used acupuncture to help the injury and nourish my whole system. I am grateful for her care and help making my training camp a success!

Cara Stawicki, US National Team rower and 2019 World Champion

April 2022

Acute Tinnitus and Dizziness after Fall

Due to a fall I suffered a concussion with symptoms of dizziness and ringing in my ears. My primary physician told me there was no medical treatment for this. I turned to acupuncture and found Kate Hoffman and after a few visits the ringing and the dizziness are gone. I wholeheartedly recommend Kate. She is truly caring and knowledgeable. It has been a rewarding experience.

Thanks again


April 2022

Peripheral Neuropathy

I can't say enough good about Dr. Kate! I came to her a mess and now, 12 appointments later, I am a better person inside and out! I was diagnosed with neuropathy, told I would end up in a wheelchair and that I would be taking pills and, the more the better! Not for me. I called Kate, explained my position and she took it from there. No more burning, blistering, aching feet or painful steps. I am sleeping through the night and I am feeling so much better - drug free! Dr. Kate has even helped me with emotional feelings. She tells it like it is! If she can't help you, she'll tell you. 

GOOGLE REVIEW December 2021 Susan Brown

Google review August 2021 Jenna Minni APRN, DNP

Kate is talented and the BEST practitioner by far!! Love her and so does my family. Highly recommended!!

Chronic Elbow pain 

I am a 46 year old man who has been in construction my whole life. I came to Kate with chronic elbow pain which had rendered my elbow almost useless. I was having trouble even picking up an empty cup. The results from the treatment I received was unlike anything I had experienced prior to. Kate we continuously tell me that her goal was to “never see me again”,lol! After 6 weeks I went from a level 10 pain from the time I woke up till the time I went to sleep to a level 1 pain every so often. Acupuncture was my last shot before surgery. Kate worked wonders on an injury that no one could fix. I would recommend that prior to anyone having surgery they at least have a consultation with Kate!!!

GOOGLE REVIEW March 2021 by Lee Dinnenberg

Frozen Shoulder and limited ROM, anxiety  02/08/2021

Kate Hoffmann was recommended by a friend and I now highly recommend her to anyone that needs a natural treatment for muscle, joint and emotional vulnerability. I suffered from a frozen shoulder from an injury anxiety, phobias, and depression. I went to her office not being able to move my arm considering possible surgery. She quickly put me at ease and calmed me down. She is trained and specializes in shoulder injuries. It is her passion and it really showed through the work she did with me. She kept me out of shoulder surgery and I am ever so thankful to her. Her skills with acupuncture and her healing personality were such a great relief. With her support and me following her instructions I am able to use my arm and continue to increase my range of motion.

Her personality is fun, kind and compassionate. 

She is a great listener and teacher. She also introduced me to NET, Neuro-Emotional Technique a great tool on helping me on my road to recovery.

Thank you, Kate, for your hard work and dedication to your job and love of helping people.

Debra Roewe

KH: It was and is a pleasure to work with Debra: SHE DID EVERYTHING I RECOMMENDED!!! Especially with shoulder problems there is homework; exercises, stretches. The more dedicated a patient is the less often I have to see them. Debra did most of the work and made my job of helping her so much easier!!! We could cut back to once a month to keep checking on her progress and keep the other issues in check. 

Terry Plante LAc Boston google review March 2020

Kate Hoffmann is an amazing NET practitioner and acupuncturist.

I am also an NET practitioner and acupuncturist in Boston, MA.

My patients ask me where do I go for treatment and who treats me?

I fly all the way to Vero Beach, FL and get treated by Kate at least 4 times a year.

I arrive with a laundry list of emotional stressors and leave calm as a cucumber and feeling comfortable that those stressors are neutralized and I am ready for the world again. Thank you Kate for being a fabulous conduit for healing.

Bell's Palsy fully healed

Dear Kate; 

I would like to sincerely thank you for your recent excellent care of my Mother, Audrey Welte. While it was very upsetting to learn that she had contracted Bell's Palsy on December 4, 2019, it was a blessing to find you and have you care for my Mom.

After five treatments, my Mom is fully healed after less than seven weeks and has had a remarkable recovery for a 91 year old patient! We tell everyone about Acupuncture and your professional care.

We both thank you for your personable caring and patience throughout the illness. It was especially thoughtful of you to call several times to check on Mom's progress. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have highly recommended you to others and given out your business card. 

Sincerely Honorable Janet Galante, Audrey Welte 

February 20, 2020

KH: I am sorry I am posting this glowing testimonial so much later. Sometimes I have a hard time taking praise. I have checked in with them during this hard year of pandemic lock downs and am happy to hear that they are both well. 

Immediate results for chronic pain

Where to begin...

I have never in my life had such immediate results from pain and discomfort, as I’ve had with Kate Hofman.

Day 1, I went in with pain in my hip that I’d had for about a year. We did NET Therapy and traditional acupuncture. Perfect cocktail.

Woke up Day 2, and my hip pain had diminished by at least 50%.

Day 3, 85%.

Day 5, pain free.

Today 100% pain free.

She also treated a number of issues and most often, my reactions were the same.

She is honorable, hilarious and extremely knowledgeable... and empathetic. That’s key for me. I was instantly at peace with her.

I will continue to see her, now that I’m so fabulously well, to maintain this path I’m on.

She also gave me a great tip to her favorite restaurant in Vero, Dinner Revolution. It’s magnificent.

Kate Hofmann AP is ridiculously helpful in every way.

Claudette Roche Google review 08/20/2020

Yelp review: Trigger finger, Arthritis

Harriet H.  12/17/2019

I went to Kate for treatment of hand pain - trigger finger and the beginnings of arthritis. I had never had acupuncture before but was willing to try anything to avoid surgery. Her therapy really worked. I have a lot more movement in my hands and much less pain. Although the therapy was focused on my hand pain, I felt release of discomfort in my entire body. It felt good to talk about the things that bothered me and have her focus on helping me feel better. I highly recommend her services! 

Mastitis, Chronic Neck spasms

When I started seeing Kate, I had had mastitis three times in less than 18 months.  I had done everything I read, heard about to keep it from coming back to no avail.  At the time I was not ready to stop nursing nor was my child and I did not want to quit due to the mastitis recurring.  After my initial session with Kate, I came back to her with this issue to work on.  Within one session there was an enormous shift in my entire body.  At this time, my son was the most erratic nurser and my breasts were able to adapt (which they had never done previously.)  I could wear a bra for hours and even to work out!  For the previous 18 months prior to seeing Kate I could only wear a bra for about 15 minutes before my breasts would cramp.  This result changed my life  They did not cramp in the morning or the evening when my son skipped a feeding.  I did not get mastitis throughout this entire erratic feeding schedule.  Kate also alleviated the pain from stopping nursing completely.  There was significant less pain in the breasts when receiving the NET.

I have been sober for 12 years and active in a recovery program.  I have been in therapy for 3 years prior to sobriety and 7 years in recovery.  I have done many spiritual retreats, personal growth retreats and my own personal growth development in school and out.  I did not think that there was any more work to be done.  I did not understand the NET, but wanted to try it out because I have heard about it for so long and wanted to know what it was like. Prior to my first session, I would say there wasn't anything in particular that I wanted to "work" on or needed treatment for.  My first session we worked on a chronic neck spasm that I have had for over 15 years, for which I have done exercises, chiropractic work, and massage throughout the years.  I had no faith that this NET would do anything to help with this chronic issue I have done everything to fix.  I have never experienced such immediate changes/shifts in my body as doing NET with Kate.  I still do go to a chiropractor but much less frequently, and the pain I experience daily has decreased significantly.  I continue to go see Kate and arrive with different items to work on and it is incredible.  I started with Kate with an open mind and I am beyond delighted in the results.  Kate has changed my entire being.  My body, my mind, my spirit.  Thank you!!!!! 


Christian seeing God and Love with new eyes

Elimination of Fibromyalgia Pain

JJ Vero Beach, 7/10/2019

My experience with NET has been life changing for me. I am a Christian and my concern was:

'Is NET a new age, crazy, evil practice?'

I decided to try it even with extreme fear and reluctancy. Kate's explanations of how it works helped me to be open to NET. To my surprise NET has peeled layers of fear and past traumas from me. NET has helped me really see GOD and Love with new eyes. The chains of fear are going away. I am able to let go of pain, worry, and guilt with much less fretting. NET is transformational.

The untruths about myself, GOD, and pain are falling away. I am grateful for Kate's expertise and the NET process.

PS: Kate Hoffmann AP: This patient had come because of severe fibromyalgia pain and anxiety. It is more than surprising that her testimonial is about her shift with her relationship to God and not about that she is TOTALLY OUT OF PAIN. Her anxiety is also nearly completely gone.

 She has told me she is happier than she has ever felt.


FYI: NET Mind Body Stress Relief was featured as a treatment modality in Grey's Anatomy on April 18th 2019. Dr. Owen Hunt, who suffers from PTSD gets treated by an NET practitioner and feels better afterwards. 

NET was written into the show because many of the writers and actors of the show are being treated successfully with NET. 

NET can be seen in episodes 22 and 23 of season 15

Google review for  Kate Hoffmann AP

Kate is my personal acupuncturist and I value her skills as an acupuncturist and NET practitioner! She is a wonderful human being and her compassion and ability are an asset to our community! Kate has a wealth of experience and I highly recommend her services.

Christine Nielsen MD, Indian River Acupuncture March 2019

Kate Hoffmann AP: I am very honored that my esteemed colleague Dr Chris wrote me this Google review 

Practitioner Recommendation for Kate Hoffmann AP

02/12/2019 SLO

I was referred to Kate Hoffmann AP by my previous NET and acupuncture practitioner and have been working with her weekly since 2015. I had been doing NET in a larger city for 3 years and never thought I would find another practitioner as good as the one I who introduced me to this work. But I was wrong, I now love Kate as much as I love Kathy!

Kate is kind, compassionate, intuitive, empathetic and at the same time possesses a no-nonsense, practical, higher-self point of view that enables her to hold healing space for her clients. She is a great supporter and proponent of my personal growth and is always able to assist me in looking past any Egoic view about a situation when we do NET. She is always willing to make accommodations in her schedule for me if I ever enter a “crisis mode” and need an unscheduled appointment. She cares about me and my wellbeing in such a genuine and authentic way, that it creates a safe space for me to work out any energetic trauma through our NET sessions. I have discussed experiences with her that I have never discussed with anyone else, ever. She is non-judgmental and really wants everyone to be happy, healthy and free from their pain!

Kate is a fabulous acupuncture physician, as she always seems to know which points will give me the greatest release or realignment that day. The only time I ever feel the treatment is if the meridian point is stagnant or blocked; 99% of the time I never feel the needle. I have done acupuncture for over 20 years and Kate truly is one of my favorite practitioners for the therapy. Not all acupuncture physicians are equal and there are many out there who I would never revisit. The knowledge, understanding, belief and faith in alternative therapies and a higher purpose is crucial for one to be a healer and not just a practitioner. 

Arm / Shoulder pain

I came to Kate a few years ago for some arm/shoulder pain which was totally gone after two acupuncture sessions. Currently I had some issues with a sore tongue, and the homeopathic (NET)remedies that she incorporated into my treatment have definitely made a difference. I would recommend this treatment and the acupuncture treatment by Kate to anyone who would like to have a natural approach to healing that works.

Google Review by Mary Paris , August 2018

Helped save a marriage

I just want to let you know that you & NET changed my life!!

I was able to process some of the things & come to some more realizations. I was able to talk to my husband about everything & it has dramatically changed our marriage!!! Thank you so very much.

T.G ., Vero Beach, FL -July 2018

After utilizing services one time I have a definitive 50% reduction in discomfort in my TMJ. Thank you. Looking forward to future visits. FYI I am a first time skeptical RN who did not want to consume analgesics !!

Google Review by Cindy Brutasky   June 2018

7 Years Pain Free

Dr. Kate treated and cured my crippling sciatica that I had for one full year. I went to physical therapy, a chiropractor, pain management, an orthopedist, 12 times to urgent care, had 3 spinal epidurals and numerous other treatments. Nothing helped me. My doctors were telling me to get back surgery, but I was very persistent that I had one option left - which was acupuncture. I had 10 sessions and I was cured. I could feel relief after the first session. Before I stepped into Dr. Kate's office, I could not walk, I could not sleep, the pain was debilitating. Dr. Kate cured my sciatica when no one else could. I highly recommend Dr. Kate. She has wonderful "Healing Hands".

Carol ,  Vero Beach, FL

Feeling like Cloud 9

Hawley B. Yelp review 2/22/17

I moved to Vero Beach, and my friend told me about her acupuncturist who had worked miracles for her.

I left feeling like a different person, both emotionally and physically. I don't know what happened, but when I walked out I was on cloud 9. Her talk, her touch, her methods of releasing emotions and then the acupuncture. I was in awe. Yes I recommend her.

Fear of needles? Gone!!!

Kate is so knowledgeable and really takes the time to understand your situation or ailment. I went to her with migraines with a fear of needles and she slowly and comfortably guided me on the track to healing. If you are considering acupuncture but feel apprehensive, go to Kate she will take such good care of you! I can't say enough, she is fantastic!

Yelp review by Lorna N. 06/21/16

Cancelled Shoulder Surgery

I am a 65 year old retired electrician and have some of the typical problems related to aging along with work-related wear and tear. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and possible rotator cuff tears along with muscle, ligament and tendon problems in my shoulders, particularly my right shoulder. I have been to therapy with a chiropractor and visited an orthopedic surgeon to consider what options are available to me for pain relief. I still lead an active lifestyle and enjoy boating and fishing, so I want to be able to continue doing that for the foreseeable future as long as I can. I decided to seek acupuncture treatment for my aches and pains. I decided to give Dr. Kate Hoffmann at Vero Acupuncture the opportunity to see if acupuncture treatments could alleviate my pain and allow some healing in my shoulder to occur before moving forward with any surgery. I quickly discovered that acupuncture was alleviating my pain to the point that I cancelled my shoulder surgery. I am sleeping like a rock for the first time in 25 years, my shoulders are not keeping me half awake all night. My neck continues to improve with each treatment. I am very happy I chose to pursue acupuncture and plan to continue treatments until there is a reason to consider other options. At this time, I have no plans for surgery.

Thank you, Dr. Hoffmann - best results yet!


Bursitis in my Left Hip

For almost 2 years, I have had bursitis in my left hip. I have gone through pain management with many shots, pills, physical therapy and  doctors telling me they didn't know what else could be done.  I was unable to climb stairs, walk long distances and my biggest problem was lack of sleep. A friend referred me to Kate Hoffman AP. After an hour and a half of discussion about my history and problems, and noticing a "bump" on my left hip where the bursitis was, she explained the procedure of acupuncture and gave me a treatment. What I liked about Kate was that she stayed in the room with me during the procedure. With the needles in, and her healing hands placed on me, I felt a real connection with Kate. She is truly a kind person who wants to help people who are in pain. Now, after 6 treatments, my pain is minimal. I can now walk farther, climb stairs, sleep at night is easier and the "bump" is gone. I will continue to go to Kate for my maintenance. Thank you Kate for your compassion.

Sally B., Vero Beach, FL

Various concerns better

Over the past five years I have received treatment, when necessary, for various concerns including physical pain and emotional blockages. I go when things are ‘just not right’ in either case and Kate will determine and administer NET and/or Acupuncture based on my current symptoms. This practice has provided incredible enhancements to my well-being and has definitely made me healthier in mind, body, and spirit. Most recently, I had a shoulder injury as a result of a trying out some boxing classes and treatment by Kate helped eliminate my pain very rapidly. I highly recommend Vero Acupuncture. Kate is truly vivacious human being who exudes caring.

She is passionate about actively using her talents to benefit her patients.

She is punctual, friendly, intelligent, and honest.

You will find her to be committed and passionate about her work, results-oriented and a true ray of sunshine! I eagerly give my endorsement of Kate Hoffman and Vero Acupuncture.

Google Review by Joli Wake,    October 2017

Shoulder pain

I had been suffering with a bad shoulder for over 6 weeks. Massage therapy - Exercise - Advill - nothing worked for long. Kate gave me 50% relief with the first visit. Now I have about 80% from the second. She's amazing.

Google Review by Danette Dieffenbach,  September 2017

Foot Pain and Nutrition

Thank you so much for the help you have provided in both relieving my foot pain, and nutrition. I came to after my heel had been hurting for two months. After only 1 visit, it felt better. After 5 visits the pain is completely gone and I can enjoy walking again. You have a warm and welcoming manner, and put me at ease immediately. I also very much appreciate your lack of pressure about repeated visits now that I am out of pain. You know that I will return as soon as I need to! Thank you so much for your expertise, style, and results.


Lynne W., Vero Beach, FL

Tendon Injury

I'm so thankful for finding Kate Hoffman. I had a tendon injury that I had cortisone shots and physical therapy which did not let it completely heal in May 2008. My husband nor I have had acupuncture but it was recommended by several friends. I could not sleep one night . So I looked up acupuncture and found Kate Hoffman AP to be the best qualified, educated and experienced in Vero Beach. I called her the next day and had my first acupuncture session in June. I have been able to return to Yoga and I have been without the everyday pain that I had before, for several weeks now. I also have been treated for various other small complications that I have had relief from. Thank you Kate for your professional and caring energy!

Faye E., Vero Beach, FL

Healer Par Excellence

My husband Bear and I have both experienced the most wonderful healing with Kate Hoffman AP.  Bear has been able to reverse heart disease, an accomplishment that we credit in large part to Kate Hoffman's dietary and herbal recommendations for him, which he is still following. During my own acupuncture treatment with her, I experienced a high level of comfort and extreme care for my entire being, which I don't associate normally with acupuncture sessions. I felt healing energy coursing through my body as symptoms faded. We have also studied Reiki with Kate Hoffman AP, and during her Reiki treatments my chronic tension and migraine headaches have always gone away. Bear and I have the highest regard for her as a teacher and healer and strongly recommend her services. She is a real treasure!

M.B., Ithaca, NY

NET - the best investment I have ever made

I have been on a self help journey for several years. Therapy, Twelve step work and participated in healing groups. They all helped, however some deep seeded issues never healed. After a few months of NET sessions I am finding peace around them. The best investment I have ever made for myself. Thank you. 

M. , Vero Beach, FL

Herniated Disk

I am eighty one years old, and diagnosed with a herniated disk. Excruciating pain in my hip, groin, and left leg. Unable to stand or walk. I was advised to have surgery to correct the problem. Meanwhile, I was put on heavy does of pain killers, steroids, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. I felt like a Zombie and wished to die.  A Dr. friend suggested I try acupuncture and gave me Kate Hoffmann's name. Arrived at Kate Hoffmann's office barely able to walk and in great pain and tears. With great care and concern, physician Hoffmann listened to my woes and told me she could help me. Now after 4 sessions I am feeling like a new person, walking normally and no longer taking any pain killers, steroids or muscle relaxers. Kate Hoffmann is very knowledgeable, loving and caring physician. I am so thankful for her care. ( and my husband is so very grateful to Kate for the return of his wife.)

Vera Balfour - Vero Beach, FL



Thank you so much for the acupuncture yesterday: it was amazing, during my run this morning I noticed that it felt 100% better - my chi is no longer stagnant! You are awesome at what you do and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your dedication to your profession. :) Thank you for the inspiration and healing. Love n' peace.

C.A.,  Vero Beach, FL

Extreme Pain in Lower Leg

Dear Kate:

I wanted to thank you for taking the time and quickly finding a solution to my problem of an extreme pain in my lower leg from recently hiking up, down and all over the mountains of Peru and Bolivia. It is miraculous that the pain has subsided within 3 treatments and less than a week based upon the fact that I am shortly going to be 72. My back is also pain-free. Having tried acupuncture before without having good results, I came to your office with mixed feelings. I am overjoyed to find a non-drug, and non-surgical treatment that has proven to be so effective! Once again, my sincere thanks.


Allan B. , Orchid Island

NET changed me- and my life

When I first heard about NET I was more than skeptical. I just did not think that "holding up your arm"/kinesiology could really help me with my pain, be it emotional nor physical. A very dear friend insisted that I give it a chance; which meant not giving up after one treatment, but REALLY doing some work with NET. After having some shifts in perspective, aka becoming OK with things that I couldn't accept before, I used NET to work on issues I had with my mother. Although we were very close, she had the ability to press the buttons she had installed quite successfully. After years of therapy, spiritual work etc., and having been told to "just let it go" "just do not react" a million times, NET finally let me LET IT GO; and I do NOT react any more. I did not react to my mother which totally baffled her. It changed our relationship to the point that we made our peace with each other, which was very powerful, since she passed shortly thereafter. Nowadays I use NET very often, and it has increased my happiness tremendously. I am CONTENT for the first time nearly all the time. Life still happens, but I react differently. It helps me with anxiety, anger, frustration, fear, pain, grief, sadness, anything that keeps me from being happy, joyous and free.

I am Happy with what and who I am. It took 50 + years and NET did it. I am in DEEP Gratitude.

Anonymous , Vero Beach, FL

Desperate Skeptic: both elbow pain

I am an R.N. who came to Kate as a desperate skeptic. I had been suffering with bilateral tendonitis in my elbows for more than 9 months. I had 3 cortisone injections in each elbow. I would find relief for a few weeks but would find myself right back where I started. My physician told me the next step was arthroscopic surgery. A friend referred me to Kate. The decision to go was one of the best decisions I've made. The day after my 2nd treatment, the relief was noticeable, by my 5th treatment both elbows were significantly healed! I was no longer walking 4-6 times a night. I could perform activities of daily living without searing pain in my arms and elbows. In fact, I didn't think about my arms and elbows anymore! If you have ever experienced the hot searing pain that advanced tendonitis causes, then you understand the desperate search for relief.  Acupuncture will provide that relief; I am a believer !

Robyn N. , Vero Beach, FL

Hip Injury From Running

I injured my hip while running and was unable to get any relief from traditional medicine. I first went to Vero Acupuncture after a sports related injury nearly 2 years ago. I had very little relief from traditional medicine but was helped almost immediately by the acupuncture. In the course of treatment for my hip, I was also helped a great deal with my asthma symptoms. Now I continue to go regularly for the peaceful relaxation that I get with each treatment. Kate Hoffmann AP is a wonderful physician who is dedicated to her patient's health and well being.

K.A. , Vero Beach, FL

Catholic church said OK. Chronic Illness, Pain & Nausea. Now Hope.

I am a 55 year old woman suffering from Chronic Illness for the last 10 years. It's been an up and down battle and has gotten worse as I have aged. Chronic Fatigue, Inflammation, Nausea, Chronic Headaches, Pain, etc., etc.. It never ends. One day a man that I love and respect suggested acupuncture, he goes to Kate Hoffmann, AP and speaks very highly of her. Wanting to feel better and at wits end I made an appointment. I was skeptical being a devout Catholic, but asked the church about acupuncture and I was told it was fine. The 1st visit with Kate I was very nervous, but she made me feel very comfortable and was thorough about knowing my health issues and concerns. The needles that she placed in my body did not hurt. I laid there for about 35 minutes while listening to ocean sounds. It was very relaxing, I couldn't believe it. After the 1st visit I didn't any difference, but after a few treatments the difference was amazing. My pain and nausea: GONE! After leaving one day, I cried going up US1, because I wasn't in pain and my nausea was gone. I would always push through it all day long, what a terrible feeling. I was joyous thanks to Kate. Kate has the knowledge, the compassion, and love in her heart to help others. I am no longer a skeptic and look forward to having treatments and would recommend acupuncture with Kate Hoffman to everyone with health issues. I am so grateful  to Kate Hoffmann, also to the man who suggested it. Thank you for giving me Hope.
C.C., Vero Beach, FL

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