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NET Mind Body Stress Relief

Click on the image or this link to learn more about this great technique that changed Kate's and many of her patient's lives!

Google review by Terry Plante LAc in Boston March 2020

Kate Hoffmann is an amazing NET practitioner and acupuncturist.

I am also an NET practitioner and acupuncturist in Boston, MA.

My patients ask me where do I go for treatment and who treats me?

I fly all the way to Vero Beach, FL and get treated by Kate at least 4 times a year.

I arrive with a laundry list of emotional stressors and leave calm as a cucumber and feeling comfortable that those stressors are neutralized and I am ready for the world again. Thank you Kate for being a fabulous conduit for healing.

Christian seeing God and Love with new eyes

JJ Vero Beach, 7/10/2019

My experience with NET has been life changing for me. I am a Christian and my concern was:

 'Is NET a new age, crazy, evil practice?'

I decided to try it even with extreme fear and reluctancy. Kate's explanations of how it works helped me to be open to NET. To my surprise NET has peeled layers of fear and past traumas from me. NET has helped me really see GOD and Love with new eyes. The chains of fear are going away. I am able to let go of pain, worry, and guilt with much less fretting. NET is transformational. 

The untruths about myself, GOD, and pain are falling away. I am grateful for Kate's expertise and the NET process.

PS: Kate Hoffmann AP: This patient had come because of severe fibromyalgia pain and anxiety. It is more than surprising that her testimonial is about her shift with her relationship to God and not about that she is TOTALLY OUT OF PAIN. Her anxiety is also nearly completely gone. She has told me she is happier than she has ever felt.

Why I love NET and how it works for me.

By SLO 02/22/2019

NET has changed my life. I first discovered it back in the fall of 2012 in Jacksonville, FL. After a few appointments, 

I realized I could not live without it. It processes and releases my mental and emotional energies in a way that antidepressants, psycho-therapy, drinking, drugs, and sex, in any combination, could not. I know that people say you have to believe in energy therapy to work, but I do not find that the case. There are some instances where my body expresses it has stored an emotion around an event that I have no knowledge of, as it is from when I was in the womb or a past life. So I literally have no conscious recollection of the event but my body has the “traumatic” experience stored and it is manifesting itself outwardly in my physical or emotional symptoms.

(I was referred to Kate Hoffmann AP by my previous NET and acupuncture practitioner and have been working with her weekly since 2015. I had been doing NET in a larger city for 3 years and never thought I would find another practitioner as good as the one I who introduced me to this work. But I was wrong, I now love Kate as much as I love Cathy Goldstein AP, Who teaches NET !)

NET gives me a calmer demeanor, consistently clearer thinking, a peaceful feeling, and allows me to stay outside of my head. I know I am not alone in bullying my inner self. It is pretty much the standard in this day and age. No wonder we see so much outward, worldly, human contempt, violence and suffering. I believe that is because we are all tearing ourselves down inside, in some way shape or form, on a daily basis. And if you don’t agree, then ask yourself if you have ever called yourself stupid? I have not met one person in my 38 years on this Earth who does not in some way, shape or form tear themselves down. My big thing was always “measuring up to society”, what I “should be doing”, where I “should be” at this point in my life, why I am not further along like “everyone else” or how I am not fulfilling “their” expectations. We all grow up with the ominous “they” who are watching us and judging us. NET has given me the freedom from my internal monologue from constantly comparing myself to the world. The thoughts are simply not there anymore.

NET allows me to look at my life and past experiences without judgement and blame. It allows me to see that a current situation is just a manifested reality of an internal belief that I have been operating under for many years. We are imprinted in childhood by both nurture and nature. Those imprints direct our decisions and course of actions as we grow up into adulthood. By the time we are 18 our patterns are activated and we proceed about life never really second guessing why we think or feel a certain way about ourselves. We are mostly on autopilot on a day to day basis because that is just the way the body and mind works. It is proven that we stop smelling our own perfume or cologne after we put it on, because our mind recognizes it is not harmful and therefore stops interpreting the stimuli. It works the same way with our emotions and experiences.

When I first started NET, I never knew why I felt what I felt. Some days I would wake up in the morning and be feeling great, but then by the afternoon I was just wiped. Other days I would wake up crying or angry or depressed and have had a good day before. My emotional state was so varied and unpredictable. It was wreaking havoc in all areas of my life. I had tried anti-depressants off and on for over 15 years and was only left with a feeling of apathy or worse once they got into my system. I decided I would rather feel all my emotions than none of them.

Since clearing out stored energy in my lower back that was causing debilitating pain that very first treatment, one of them being an experience in the womb, I have been hooked. I had herniated my L5/S1 disc in back in 2006 and in 2012 I was still in a tremendous amount of pain on a day to day basis, even after being told that my disc was healed. It turns out I had literally, 5, different traumatic experiences stored in that physical location on my body. One of the stored traumas was around my father and money when I was in the womb. I called my mom after the experience and asked her what happened when she was pregnant with me? She asked me to explain why I was asking the question and after doing so, she was speechless. She said “We never told anyone about this. There is no way you should know.” She proceeded to explain to me the events that happened and I stored in my little fetus lower back. IT FREAKING BLEW MY MIND.

 I woke up the next day and had very minimal discomfort in my lower back. A miracle!

NET allows me to uncover my internal belief systems that are motivating me and choose whether or not to keep those beliefs. I now have the opportunity to look at my feelings and situations objectively and decide what I do with them. I am no longer a slave to my emotions. Quantum physics has proven that where we place our mental attention and focus, we can actually affect the subatomic waves’ and particles’ movements and direction at the location of our focus. That means that if I change my belief system about myself or an experience through the methods and focus of NET, then I am changing things on a subatomic level for my body. I know that I can walk into my practitioner’s office in absolute tears or blinding migraine pain, and when I leave an hour later, I actually have relief. Whether it is a lessening of my pain, because for me it takes a good night’s sleep for the pain to fully disappear, or it is a feeling of emotional calm that I was completely unable to access before. Literally, upon waking the next day after treatment, I feel peace about the situation that had me in tears the day before. It works that quick! Granted, there are layers to our beings and sometimes we aren’t able to get through everything in an hour, but we get through what is affecting me the most right then.

NET takes away the negative emotional charge from your memories and past experiences. You know how you can recall exactly every little detail to a situation that pushed your buttons in a way you don’t experience often? That’s because that emotional reaction from that event has been energetically stored in your body. If you don’t believe me, go read “The Molecules of Emotion” by Candace Pert. The science of psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the effect of the mind on health and resistance to disease. Her book demonstrates how the immune and endocrine systems actually behave like the brain in interpreting and storing our emotions. One NET treatment can take away the old pattern feelings that overwhelm and arise when you are experiencing a stressful event, allowing you to take a step back and look objectively at the situation to be able to move forward and through it. You are essentially removing the old feeling associated with a previous trauma and therefore impacting your present situation that is causing the discomfort. You are literally destroying an emotional knot of energy within your body with the power of your focused attention!

NET is the best emotional and physical treatment I have ever discovered. It truly frees my mind from itself. It give me the ability to overcome difficult and stagnating emotions, as well as allow me to move forward in my life without them coming back to make an encore appearance. The more I free myself from my old patterns and belief systems I was subconsciously operating under, the more peaceful, calm and successful my inner and external landscapes are.

NET: the BEST investment I have ever made

I have been on a self help journey for several years. Therapy, Twelve step work and participated in healing groups. They all helped, however some deep seeded issues never healed. After a few months of NET sessions I am finding peace around them. The best investment I have ever made for myself. Thank you.

M. , Vero Beach, FL

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