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Acupuncture Physician

NET Certified Practitioner level 3

Kate Hoffmann AP was Nationally Board Certified by NCCAOM, National Association of and is a former Director of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association (FSOMA). 


To receive her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine ( & BS Health Science) from the prestigious Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Kate had to take over 4000 Credit hours.


 Kate offers a variety of techniques to support your wellness, including Acupuncture, NET MIND BODY STRESS Relief; Nutrition, Supplements, Injection Therapy, Homeopathic medicine, Advanced Energy Healing techniques, Auricular (ear) Acupuncture, NADA protocol for Addictions, Electro-Acupuncture, Reiki and other manual techniques to increase your wellness and balance. She offers condition specific treatment plans, which are customized to your individual needs.

SHOULDER problems are Kate's passion and specialty!!! SHOULDERS: Rotator cuff; pain; limited range of motion. Kate has been practicing Reiki (Energy Healing) since 1991, and after a 1 year Reiki Master apprenticeship in Germany started teaching Reiki in 1994 in Europe and all across the United States.

NET MIND BODY STRESS RELIEF changed Kate's life. Since using it for herself and continually going to classes and deepening her knowledge in this technique, Kate has grown into the person she always knew she could be.

She is happier, more relaxed and uses NET as a tool to deal with stressors that are part of life. She considers it "taking the velcro off my side" so that the stress that usually would attach and have her react to things would fall off instead. Kate was honored to be invited 3 years by the Co-creators of NET to coach at NET certification in CA.

Patients and Students in the US and Europe agree that Kate Hoffmann AP is a caring healthcare practitioner and shares her knowledge and love for health with each person she comes in contact with.

Let her help you get to your optimal health and well being!



Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

Master of Oriental Medicine, BS of Health Science

Graduated  Spring 2008



Coached 3 years at NET Certification: 

Highest Honor, by invitation only by the NET Co-Founders Dr Scott and Deborah Walker DC

Certified Level 3

Mentors other NET practitioners world wide

Certified in NET since 2012

NET Basic 2009



Continuing Education 

FSOMA - Florida State Oriental Medical Association member since 2004

Since 2005 volunteered and participated in yearly FSOMA conferences -3 days of CEU learning!

Master Tung Magic Points

Dr Tan Balance Method

Esogetic Colorpuncture

Caroline Myss: Numerous classes and Medjugorje trip

Wayne Dyer

Anita Moorjani

Louise Hay

5 "I Can Do It" conferences 



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